About Pandacea

Our Mission

Operating out of Windsor, Ontario, Pandacea is a corporation that aims to help other companies meet the needs of the pandemic as well as other health & safety requirements. As the outbreak of COVID -19 required businesses to implement mandatory procedures and questionnaires to limit transmission, especially in public spaces, construction sites and other work premises, Pandacea created a platform to simplify and electronically track the screening and other health & safety procedures in a secure and efficient manner. Our primary focus is client needs and ensuring that our clients successfully comply with the health and safety regulations outlined by the government.

Our Vision

Pandacea’s vision is to provide a secure and sustainable platform through which unanimous tracking of future pandemics and other health & safety requirements will be possible.

Our Core Values

At Pandacea, we strive to be an exemplar of diversity, inclusivity and rich culture by getting involved with a wide variety of individuals. We believe in:


Is Pandacea an ERP system?

The Pandacea suite of applications offers a range of softwares to enable full operations from contact database to incident tracking for health & safety compliance, as well as pandemic tracking such as COVID-19.

Do I need to pay for all the software products in the Pandacea suite?

With Pandacea, you pay for what you need. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, you only use the features your business needs.

Can I get reports for health inspection?

Pandacea does offer the ability to report on site visits, including visits to other premises for the benefit of health inspectors and other office use.

Can I use Pandacea to manage inventory?

Yes, Pandacea includes inventory management tools as well as a scheduling system.